Keep your skin moisturized when on your ski vacation. Cold, wind, sun, and low humidity all dry out the skin. The air is much dryer at higher altitude so you'll notice a change, especially in your hands and feet. Pack plenty of lotion.

The wind and cold is very drying to the skin, especially when it hits your face. Steamboat Springs dermatologist Sandra Eivins says to cover your face all together so that the wind doesn't chap your skin. "You really want to try to keep the wind off of your skin."

Your skin is the largest organ on your body, and 70 percent of it is water. That's why you should keep it hydrated, inside and out. Put on moisturizing lotions. Always make sure to drink a lot of fluids when you travel to high altitude. A healthy adult should drink at least six-to-eight glasses of water every day.

Ask your hotel if they can provide a humidifier for your room, if you are visiting a ski town at high altitude. Run the humidifier at night when you are sleeping.

Be careful of the hot tub during an après-ski afternoon. Hot water, hot tubs, and prolonged bathing can cause dry skin.