The hardgoods and clothing company has put up a $5k bounty for the best "poaching" video. There are two resorts in Utah where the sport is banned. So, if you think you're getting away with something by boarding at Alta, the mountain has stolen your thunder. "Occasionally we get a boarder coming through from a high mountain access (from Snowbird or the backcountry) but we don't bust the boarder. Just no lift access," said Alta's Connie Marshall. Deer Valley, on the hand, has a different take. "They're trespassing and we have the right to call the police," said Bald Mountain Ski Patrol. "It's trespassing and it's a misdemeanor offense." The patrol will do everything they can, shy of tackling, to catch boarders and politely ask them to leave. If they refuse, they can be cited and/or escorted off the hill by men in uniform. They'll be arrested if they come back. Watch the videos and hear Burton's "Sabotage Stupidity" campaign at