Burton offered a $5k prize purse to the best video showing boarders riding at each area- Deer Valley, Alta and Mad River Glen in Vermont. Taos ski area, in New Mexico, lifted its snowboard ban in time to miss the contest so Burton divied up their $5000 prize money among the other three winners. It's not that Utah is anti-snowboarding, it's just that the resorts say they want guests to have a choice (and riders have plenty of other options along the Wasatch.) Alta has a policy that looks the other way if a boarder crosses into the area, but they won't let them ride the lifts. One creative local mounted his bindings forward on the board and pretended to be a modified monoskier. The liftie called his manager, the manager let him on the lift. Once on the mountain the daring teen ducked into the trees, switched out his bindings and rode fresh powder to the bottom of the resort. Andrew Bradon of Park City, Utah, won the prize for poaching Deer Valley. He drilled ski bindings into his snowboard and also pretended to monoski. Sid Ruhland and the Shin Diggers of Kelwona, British Columbia, were awarded the $6,250 bounty for driving 16 hours to Alta, Utah. Nobody got arrested, nobody got hurt, and the energy in the videos seemed pretty positive. Check them out at http://www.burton.com/poachers/. And in Ski Utah's Snowlingo contest, the word for the season is SNOWRIDING. The challenge went out: to come up with one word, one catch-all word, to replace the too-long and too-cumbersome phrase, "skiing and snowboarding." The contest, sponsored by Ski Utah and Winter at Westminster and hosted on The Addictionary (www.addictionary.org) - an online dictionary of made-up "werds" -- ran from February 4 to March 4. Hundreds entered their version of the "one werd to rule them all," vying for the top prize: a spring ski trip to Utah. It was a tight race, but judges determined that "snowriding," entered by Roberta Stjernholm of Lakewood, Colo. topped them all. Runners up included boardskiing, skoarding and sloping. Personally, I like sloping. ?