The Three Valleys' resorts of [R598R, Meribel], [R117R, Courchevel], and Orelle have upgraded ski lifts in time for the winter ski season.

Orelle is introducing 'Rosael,' the new six-seater detachable chairlift. The Rosael is set to prove popular with hardened skiers who go out in all weather as it is designed to stand up to the high winds at altitude. This new lift also increases passenger capacity from 1500 skiers per hour to 2600 per hour. The chairlift will also be open to pedestrians to enjoy the 3000-metre-high panorama.

Meribel improved its lift systems over the summer. The four-seater chairlift has been transformed into a six-seater detachable chairlift, offering skiers and riders in Meribel village access to the Altiport sector in half the time. From the top of the lift, skiers can easily access the blue 'Lapin' piste which runs down through the forest to the village.

A brand new six-seater detachable chairlift has replaced the Prameruel and Roc Mugnier fixed-grip chairlifts and the Combe ski tow to optimise the link between Courchevel 1850 and Courchevel 1650.

Val Thorens is introducing a 40-hectare beginners' area with free admission this winter. Two covered moving carpets with a capacity of 3000 skiers per hour are replacing the ski tows. The two new carpets, one after the other, will take beginners up along the Grenoulliere to the new area.

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