[R368R, Lake Louise] has a bit more pressure than the average resort aiming for an early November opening. It is also the site selected once again to launch the speed events for this year's World Cup in an Olympic year. The resort must not only prep its hill for visitors, but blow snow to cover the downhill and Super G course.

The Banff National Park ski resort aims to open for the season on Nov. 6. Snow started accumulating in the upper mountain by mid-October, over 15 inches in some places, and overnight snowmaking crews went to work.

The world's fastest ski racers return once again to the slopes of Lake Louise to inaugurate this year's alpine World Cup. The men's downhill and super G races are scheduled for Nov. 28-29 and women's races for Dec. 4-6.

"Lake Louise is truly honored to be once again selected as the host venue for the first speed events of the International Ski Federation season," said owner Charlie Locke. Lake Louise is the only ski area in Alberta that offers the necessary vertical drop for the men's downhill.

The Lake Louise World Cup races take on special importance this year as the prelude to the Whistler Olympics. Racers on national teams will not only be prepping for the Olympic Games, but still vying for slots on the national teams.

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