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When the freestyle skiing movement came into prominence several years ago, ski manufacturers were quick to follow with park- and pipe-specific skis. This first wave of freestyle skis were great for riding rails and catching air, but take them out of the park and you wanted to trade in your twin tips for pretty much anything else. That's not the case anymore—the three park and pipe skis below can hold their own in trees, pow and steeps. Each pair was scrutinized by pros, patrollers, instructors and ski journalists during the OTS ski test in [R507R, Winter Park], Colo. and [R403R, Snowbasin], Utah last season. Peeps the next generation of park and pipe skis here:  

#1 Fischer Maven

If "Park Rat" is a moniker you'd like to avoid, this ski might help you attain the title of "Mountain Maven" instead. The twin tip Fischer Maven gets as jibby and tricked-out as you want in the park, but thanks to an 88 mm waist and freeski construction, it is also at home elsewhere on the mountain. A rockered tip and tail along with a full wood core makes it float in the deep stuff and hold an edge on ice. CLICK HERE FOR THE FULL REVIEW».


#2 Salomon Twenty Twelve

Salomon cleaned up in the 2012 Editors' Picks with the Twenty Twelve. This ski was already ranked the top All Mountain ski by our testers and now takes home silver in the Park & Pipe category.The versatile Twenty Twelve got high marks in this category because it's light, playful and easy to spin. With a full wood core, 91 mm under foot and Salomon's Twin Rocker—it performs wherever you take it. CLICK HERE FOR THE FULL REVIEW».

Salomon 2012

#3 Rossignol Scimitar

Ancient Samurais used curved scimitar swords to make themselves even more badass. If you're already throwing double cork 1080s, you probably think you can't get any more badass—but the Rossignol Scimitar might take you to that next level. Rossignol gave the Scimitar their Spin Turn Rocker to make this ski a full beast in the air. CLICK HERE FOR THE FULL REVIEW».

Rossi Schimitar