The sun has just gone down. The skiers have abandoned the pistes and only the winter wind caresses the snow-covered slopes. Then the sound of a revving motor breaks the silence, in preparation for the excursion.

At [R1685R, Montgenèvre], straddling the Franco-Italian border, the Sun Scoot company organises snow mobile outings as soon as night falls. Clients can live the adventure as pilot or passenger, so the outing is accessible to everyone. Pilots, following the guide's tracks, will get a thrill from the speed and driving on the snow. Passengers can admire the outline of the landscape, barely visible in the moonlight, or the star-speckled velvet sky.

Sun Scoot offer two excursions. The first is a one-hour discovery tour of the ski area. The second adds a touch of international flair with dinner in a high-altitude restaurant in Italy. After an hour of snow mobile, riders cross the border for a hearty Italian meal then ride back to Montgenèvre just before the clock strikes midnight.

The snow mobiles depart from the Espace partenaire in Montgenèvre at 5:30 p.m. and 6:45 p.m. The second departure time includes the meal in Italy, with the return around 11:30 p.m.

A lone pilot can rent a snow mobile for €70 and a pilot plus passenger will pay €80. It is also possible to just go along for the ride with a Sun Scoot guide for €20. Add €35 for the meal in Italy.

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