[R590R, Morzine] plays its gourmet hand with three new establishments that will please even the most epicurean of spirits. The streets of Morzine buzz with bars and restaurants, so the choice is always difficult, but if you're on a quest for new tastes, it will be hard to pass up Morzine's latest culinary additions.

Berits & Brown offers a world tour without ever leaving Morzine. The beer comes from Scotland, the wines are Australian, Chilean, or Italian, while the cheeses are of course French. The tempting sweets and baby meals are all organic to help protect our fragile planet. The warm aroma of freshly ground coffee and fresh produce tickles the nose as you enter. The cosy ambiance makes customers want to do nothing else but settle into the deep sofas and with a soothing cuppa.

At the Coup de Coeur, Thieery Thorens brings together contemporary and traditional, leather and slate creating a most welcoming atmosphere. Here, sample the savoyard tapas layered with local cured ham and creamy reblochon cheese. To accompany the nibbles, choose from regional wines like Ripaille, Marignan, Mondeuse, or a few others. It's a prime occasion to rediscover the rich palette of Savoie wines, which pair so well with the region's foods.

It's at the Numéro Dix (chemin des Moulins) that visitors will quench their taste for exoticism, all the while enjoying a hint of home. Chef Phillip has imagined a menu inspired by cuisine from the other side of the world and this side of the English channel. The rabbit paté tapas, Scottish-style quail eggs, or the salmon risotto with dill and candied lemons will pleasantly tempt gourmet taste buds.

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