"The last two days were big," related Jones. "Things didn't look good at the start, we couldn't blow snow because of the temperatures. But by the end of February we were able to blow [snow] hard…and it was all good." The slow start and great finish was similar to the 2005/06 season when unseasonable warm temperatures prohibited the mountain from making snow until later in the season. While Jones could not go into any specific details, Wolf Ridge has a couple projects tentatively planned for the western North Carolina ski area in the off-season. The resort's Web site states that the mountain could see 30 added acres of skiable terrain and one and a half miles of additional ski runs. Also in the works: A new scenic double lift - though curious riders and skiers will have to wait to see from where and to where the lift will go. Anyone in the Mars Hill vicinity should keep an eye out for any new clearing and construction and start scouting virgin lines for the 2007/08 season.