East coasters are some patient souls alright. While reports of west coast storms continue to roll in, we sit by idly, admiring the foliage and biding our time polishing the dust from our gear while romping around the house in full mountain attire. Thankfully the crew at Rome SDS is right there with us and their office tom-foolery has sprung another hair-brained, yet totally entertaining contest.

The Magic Carpet Snowboard Contest is the perfect way to channel that preseason anxiety into something constructive and potentially rewarding. Let the indoor jibbing begin. 

Rome contest example Grady

Jib like an Egyptian. Photo Courtesy of Rome SDS.

From Rome's official contest communique:

Since we know that new gear you bought is staring at you from your bedroom corner, we have decided we would like to see what you got. A method off your parent’s bed? Maybe a blunt stall on the tub? Or possibly nose pressing your roommate’s mini fridge?! Whatever it may be, we would like to see how your talent matches up to some of our in-house shreds. So bust out the cameras, your board, strap up in your living room and get shreddy.

Rome contest example Caf

Did awesome airs kill the dinos? You be the judge. Photo Courtesy of Rome SDS.

Also, feel free to use Photoshop, and use it poorly. Think that tail block may look better on the head of a T-Rex, we probably agree. An Indy grab off your bed is dope… but what if Andre the Giant was holding you up in said Indy?

Rome contest example Ron

Doctor-up your image for ultimate combo points. Photo Courtesy of Rome SDS.

To enter: post your preseason carpet sesh photo, doctored or not, on to Rome's Facebook fan page and on November 1 they'll pick one lucky winner and hook up that indoor shredmaster with a 2012 Artifact Rocker.

Knowing Rome—the more creative, wacky and physics-defying your photo, the better. So hop on Photoshop or a free editing site like Picnik and have some fun.

For more information and to see the current contest entries, check out Rome SDS on Facebook