Many resorts offer ski lessons, but [R2440R, La Clusaz] pushes the offer even further with ski coaching. It's a different approach to learning the rules of the runs, combining the technical aspects of learning to ski with an emphasis on relaxation and pleasure.

In a ski coaching session, with a groups of up to four participants, Yvan Dorier leads skiers to discover the surrounding mountains all the while developing his clients' self confidence. Clients deepen their self-knowledge, learn to advance at their own rhythm by listening to their body, and to fulfil their mountain dreams and desires.

Yvan puts his knowledge of the mountain environment and passion for skiing to the service of his clients during day-long sessions, in a convivial atmosphere. He guides the group through the new terrain, analysing their performance, and helping to improve it by challenging one's limits. Clients accept to give their best to become a better skiers and perhaps a better people.

Yvan Dorier has more than 20 years of experience in the fields of outdoor sports and coaching. Prestigious companies such as Black & Decker and Baccardi have already trusted him to coach their teams. As for his experience on the pistes, he was once a member of the French national downhill ski team and a USA Pro Tour racer. Of course, he also hold a national ski instructor diploma and speaks fluent English.

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