The past may be gone but it's not forgotten, at least in the mind of Jeremy Davis, founder of NELSAP, the New England Lost Ski Areas Project.

Davis published Lost Ski Areas of the White Mountains in 2008, and over the last year the book has been well-received by skiing and riding enthusiasts in the Northeast.

The success was such that the History Press, publisher of the book, has commissioned a second volume, to be titled, Lost Ski Areas of Southern Vermont.

 "I am only in the initial stages of putting the book together, but at this point, it will be on all the lost Vermont areas generally south of Route 4. I'll have a list of these areas on shortly. The book will be similar to Lost Ski Areas of the White Mountains in length, organization, and types of photos," Davis said last week.

Davis is the driving force behind the Web site he founded 11 years ago, but also has lots of helpers in his effort to keep alive the memory of ski areas that once operated across New England.

The Web site's success is based on almost-rabid enthusiasm from its members, and Davis taps into this passion to keep adding photos, trails maps, and lore before memories fade forever.

"If you have any historic photos, trail maps, articles, memories, etc. of these Lost Southern Vermont ski areas, please let me know, and I would love to include them in the book," Davis said.

Davis is senior meteorologist with Weather Routing Inc, a weather service in upstate New York.

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