[R2784R, Val Cenis], in the Savoie department, dresses up as the grand Canadian north and offers fun winter activites in the great outdoors. In the snowy pine forest, natural habitat of the trappers, each activity leads to the next adventure for a sensation of complete expatriation. At the heart of the frosty woods, young and not so young alike can become pioneers of this wide open space.

In the strange white world, neo-trappers will learn the rules of the forest - how to build a wood cabin, find a treasure hidden among the trees with or without a compass, and prepare a meal in the wild before spending a night in a teepee or leaving for a trek in the light of the winter moon.

At the pass, accessible by the the La Ramasse chairlift, the construction of an igloo, discovery of the ARVA (Search Device for Avalanche Victims), initiation in dog sledding, and even a camp site in the snow await Van Cenis' adventurers.

Visitors can set out on such an excursion for half a day, an evening, or a weekend. Such an unforgettable holiday in the French Alps will cost 26€ for an adult and 21€ for a child for half a day, mid-afternoon snack included. An evening will cost 44€ per adult and 32€ per child. For a polar night, which includes the evening meal, a night spent in snowy wilderness, and breakfast, guests will pay 44€ per adult and 32€ per child. It's an original way to discover the mountains from a different perspective.

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