One of the most exciting additions to Colorado Ski Country is the Woodward Ski & Snowboard Camp at [R113R, Copper Mountain]. It is crazy, out-of-control fun for nearly all ages. The Woodward "Barn" is a massive building on the main road at Copper, with 19,000 square feet of terrain park and pipe progression. It is every young skier's dream. There are ramps and "cliff jumps" with the landing in huge foam pits, rails, ledges, six trampolines, and a huge skate bowl.

I brought four 14-year-old freestyle skiing boys from [R425R, Steamboat] there, along with my 10-year-old daughter, and they all thought they were in heaven. The staff is patient and gradual, beginning with stretches and warm ups and an explanation of the equipment and how to use it. The kids jumped on the trampolines and learned tricks, progressing on to running flips into the foam pits, of which there are three with 23,000 foam cubes.

Then it was on to the jumps. Again, it was gradual, with the kids starting on the smaller hills to get their feel for the "Snowflex," which is a high-tech, artificial snow surface. You don't want to make a lot of turns on it. It's something you ski, or snowboard, straight down on your way to trying a big trick in the air. The landing in the foam was soft and simple, but hard for the boys to climb out. That's where they got their workout for the day.

Woodward is for kids and adults, starting at age eight. The Skier/Rider level should be intermediate to advanced. Drop-in sessions are offered for just under two hours ($29), and day classes ($109) as well as week-long camps in the summer. Before you do anything, though, you have to take the One Hit Wonder class for $69, which is an introductory session for the facility. This class is offered daily at 4 and 6 p.m.

You can sign your kids up for a day session for $199 during the season this winter. They'll start in the Barn in the morning, working on tricks and jumps, and then progress on to the mountain for the afternoon to try what they've learned on snow. The price includes lift ticket and lunch. The Woodward motto is, "Just Drop Me Off. Woodward at Copper: The very first indoor/outdoor ski and snowboard camp on the planet." They could be right. It's out of this world.

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