The leading Slovakian resort of [R2791R, Jasna] has just installed a new detachable gondola for eight people worth 13 million euros. The new lift 'Grand Brhliska' replaced the old gondola ropeway ‘Otupne - Brhliska', also known as the ‘egg.'  

The original gondola, which dated back to the 1970s, was dismantled Sept. 9, 2009. The new gondola is a top installation from the Doppelmayr Company and its construction began back in May. Compared to the ‘egg', the new gondola can carry twice as many passengers. It also has a unique appearance being the only black and orange gondolas in existence.

Together with the gondola, an extended ski slope is being built for beginners and intermediates. A new snowmaking system will be installed along the ski slope with 35 snow cannons.

A tunnel for cars has been built,  as the new ski slope will cross the road,. A traverse will enable skiers to go from the ski slope Biela Put over to the bottom station of the new ropeway.

While the majority of the old 'eggs' will be recycled, some of them will remain in the surroundings - in the valley of Demanovska Dolina, as nostalgic memories of the technical accomplishments of the last century.

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