The 3 Vallées ski area has created a ski pass package designed especially for families. The Pass Famille is a new deal put together exclusively for the 2009/2010 season and lets families with two or more children save up to 20 percent on the price of lift passes.

The Pass Famille can be purchased as a season pass or as just a six to 21 day pass. This means that a family of two adults and two children can spend dix days on the pistes of Les 3 Vallées for 742€. Purchased separately, the same experience would cost 812€ during the high season.

If parents want to get their children on the snow all the while enjoying the slopes of the world's biggest ski area for the entire season, the Pass Famille season pass costs 3,168€, or 792€ per person.

Don't tell your teenagers this, but at Les 3 Vallées, they're still considered kids until the age of 21. This extension is valid for the Pass Famille pricing, but does not apply to individual child passes. The cut off age for a regular child pass is 18 years.

At Les 3 Vallées, there's a ski experience waiting for everyone, no matter the level. 50 percent of the pistes are easy (green or blue) and the other half (red or black) lets seasoned skiers push their limits even further. In all, Les 3 Vallées offers 330 pistes over 400 square kilometres, which is about four times the surface of Paris.

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