The base area at [R283R, Mt. Rose] has been a noisy place this summer. Bulldozers broke ground in July for the resort's new Slide Lodge.

Mt. Rose plans to finish the new Slide Lodge in time for opening this winter. The new building is based on an architectural-style popular in Europe, which brings the valley style into the mountains. The 7,865-square-foot lodge, located on the southeastern-most edge of the Slide Bowl, is constructed mainly of steel, but utilizes lots of glass for big views.

The glass façade of the new day lodge allows the outdoor views to come inside the building. BSA Architects of San Francisco designed the facility with a contemporary flair - -the first of its kind in Lake Tahoe. Panattoni Construction is building the lodge, which incorporates smart technologies making use of passive solar mechanisms to maximize the efficiency of the building.

The resort has hired a new food and beverage manager to oversee the new modern kitchen inside. The lodge, which will accommodate around 150 patrons, will include a bar with a panoramic view of Washoe Valley and Washoe Lake 4,000 feet below.

A 7,623-square-foot outdoor deck surrounds the lodge. The deck will provide seating for 400.

The lodge was positioned to provide better traffic flow. It should aid traffic flow from the slopes to the lodge as well as to the Blazing Zephyr loading zone.

Mt. Rose fans can monitor the progress of construction of the new Slide Lodge online. The resort focused one of their Web cams on the new lodge.

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