The old Red Chair which rose from the base of [R337R, Red River Resort] is gone but its replacement will be good to go when the ski area opens the day before Thanksgiving, Nov. 25, 2009.  The resort is putting the finishing touches on its presently unnamed fixed grip triple chairlift after taking all summer and some serious helicopter action to move towers from Gold Rush Hill. Both the top and bottom shacks are painted red. Resort officials, however, won't say if the lift still will be called the Red Chair, instead stating the name will be a "surprise."

The ski area contracted Doppelmayr to do the complete install and be on the safe side, and the parts have international associations. The computer that will run the lift contains a fail-safe processor from Germany and a two-channel controller, the wire cable comes from Switzerland, the grips from Austria, the motor from Scandinavia, the chairs from Thailand, and the sheaves from Canada. The rest were manufactured in Salt Lake City where Doppelmayr is  headquartered.

The new lift will be twice as fast as the old one, moving 1,800 people per hour, at 500 feet per minute. You'll still want to make sure your quads are ready for the season. The chair has a restraining bar but no foot rest due to the mid-mountain unloading station. Final testing will be Nov. 1.