Children can ski worry-free in seven resorts, including one in Andorra, thanks to magnets. In complete security, they will arrive at the top of lifts equipped with a Magnestick system. So what is the Magnestick system?

Magnestick is a system that fixes the child skier to the chairlift thanks to a set of magnets integrated into the seat back. This prevents children from falling from the seat as the lift travels to the arrival station. Here, the magnet is automatically deactivated and the child exits the lift. The deactivation takes places as soon as the child's skis hit the snow, so even if someone lifts the protection bar early, the child remains protected.

Each child also wears a light (200 grams) protection vest with a metal plaque sewn into it. This is what holds the child to the chair lift. Additionally, it protects the child's back in case of fall or collision on the pistes. The vest, made of brightly coloured material, is worn during the entire ski outing, making for a worry and hassle free day of snow sports for both children and parents.

In France, the resorts of Gourette, [R1721R, Peyragudes], [R1934R, Valfréjus], [R1812R, La Tania], [R117R, Courchevel], and [R1916R, Méribel-Mottarent] have invested in Magnestick systems on certain chair lifts. [R1548R, Arcalis], in Andorra, is the first resort outside of France to have installed Magnesticks in one of its lifts. However, not all lifts are equipped. Contact your destination resort for more information and to find out which lifts include the Magnestick system.

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