Everyone has heard of the iPod, Apple's little gadget available in several eye-catching colours, but how many people have heard of the Mountainpod? It is one of [R1305R, Les Arcs] latest high-tech creations, designed to make the mountain experience even more sensational.

The idea is simple and free. Like all podcasts, the audio tracks are downloaded from the Internet site onto a mobile phone or MP3 player. Then, all that's left to do is remember to take your mobile or MP3 player with you to the resort and look for the Mountainpod signs sprinkled throughout Les Arcs and [R599R, Peisey-Vallandry].

Faithful to the Ipod's love of flashy colours, the Mountainpod signs are bright fuschia and can't be missed. Each sign indicates a track number to listen to. There are 10 downloadable tracks in all.

The Mountainpod stations are located at summits, at the entry to passes, and at the departure of the Vanoise Express. A gentle voice interprets the surrounding countrysides, suggests ski itineraries according to listeners' levels, tells the history, legends, and tales of the sites, and even suggests dining ideas at the end of each track.

The Mountainpod is almost like having a personal guide to discover the resort. It's an original way to better understand the landscapes and thus better appreciate the mountain experience.

Mountainpods are available in French and in English.

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