Work continues on the new cable car at [R2390R, Chamrousse], in the Isère department of France. This project, with a €12 million budget, aims to replace the 1952 lift by a state of the art cable car, which could transport up to 3000 people per hour.

"With the new Croix Cable Car, We are going to be able to offer a different structural axis on the Recoin area, with service at the summit of the resort," explains Daniel Leyssieux, general manager of the Chamrousse Lift Board.

This cable car, with its high-capacity transport, should boost client flow to the area. In recent years, skiers have preferred to go elsewhere, where they lost less time queuing. The former lift, with a transport capacity of 2200 people per hour no longer sufficed to satisfy skiers and boarders looking to maximize their time on the pistes.

The resort is also taking a step towards more sustainable development in modernising its lift network. "We can't ignore the impact on the landscape. We're moving from 36 to 16 pylons. The number of cables falls from 12 to two. In the long term, our ideal goal is to cut out 10 of the 26 lifts spanning the resort," says Leyssieux.

Chamrousse's managers also hoped to spend the summer changing the Bérangère chair lift (Chamrousse 1750), replacing it with a six-seater detachable lift. The project couldn't fit into the €12 million budget, but with the current economic situation, a €20 million loan seemed unreasonable.

"We're going to complete the works projects one after the other. With a string of good ski seasons, the new chair lift could be built three or four years from now," Leyssieux specified.

The price of a single days' ski pass should only increase by a euro to help finance the project. This will help the resort remain competitive all the while ensuring Chamrousse's future.

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