Les deux Alpes' glacier snowpark (2900-3600 meters) has not only expanded, but acquired some innovative new features for summer skiing in 2009.

The star of the summer season is the Superpipe 22 Feet - an Olympic-size superpipe stretching 6.50 meters in height and 140 meters in length. Next to the superpipe is a smaller pipe for beginners and there is a brand new lift which has been installed to serve the two pipes.

The initiation area has also been extended this summer with the creation of a new boardercross and a series of whoops as well as two new small tables and one line of boxes.

Along the Soreiller ridge is the new Shred Area which is set up with modules adapted to all levels. The Shred Area takes the place of the Cool Zone and offers a sequence of modules along the whole length of the snowpark.

The BAB (BigAirBag) is set at the foot of the Park. A variant of the air mattress used for cinema stunts, the BAB (15 x 11 meters) will encourage freestylers to try the jumps without the risk of accidents.

A day's summer skiing in Les Deux Alpes costs €32.50 for adults; €26 for under 13s and over 65s. 

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