The Natural Resources Conservation Service reports that Flagstaff is worse off than most of the rest of Arizona. "Winters here average about 109 inches of snow, according to National Weather Service data. We've had 42.5 inches so far," said Tom Pagonio, a water forecaster with NRCS. He added that Flagstaff is 40 percent behind average for the winter, with nine of the last 11 years receiving below-average precipitation. For the second time this year, Arizona Snowbowl temporarily closed beginning March 12 to await further snowfall. "It's hard to believe that we will not get snow in March, usually our biggest month for snowfall. This has been an unusual season, as we have not received any big storms of a foot of snow or more," said JR Murray, Snowbowl's General Manager, noting that the business will lose about 30,000 spring break visitors if conditions don't change. Murray continued, "If this winter is a sign of future weather patterns, then our snowmaking proposal makes more sense than ever. We would have been open from early December until now." As far as reopening this year? Easter Sunday, April 8, would be the latest.