Located furthest north in Jasper National Park, Marmot Basin turns the bullwheels until April 22. "It's light here until 10 p.m.," reports marketing director Brian Rode. "You can ski all day and then go play until late." While the golf course doesn't open until after the resort closes, you can bike, hike, and fish until the sun drops down. Lake Louise has scheduled their final day for May 1. Over their final weekend, they'll resurrect last year's much talked about party in Spring Episode '07 with beer gardens, races, and live music. Sunshine runs until Victoria Day, May 21. While the Goat's Eye shuts down two weeks earlier, there's plenty of skiing to be had in the rest of the resort. "We usually get huge snow dumps at the end of April and into May," says marketing director Mike Moynihan. "On closing weekend, I've skied winter snow on Delirium Dive and then corn snow near the village."