Two 18-year-old girls chattered about times lost together on the hill they've frequented for over 15 years together, mixing in a steady chorus of, "Oh my god! There's soooo much snow." A dreadlocked hippie Kiwi kept falling asleep on my shoulder before waking up and saying, "Sorry bro. Rough one last night. I can't believe I made it up today." Me, I just took it all in, smiling behind the high neck of my winter jacket, set for a 28th season on the snow. There was indeed a ton of fresh for mid-November and it fell in quiet waves, getting stronger towards day's end. Even with limited terrain (just Emerald, Big Red, and Franz's Chairs were open) there was fresh patch to be found. The visitors from England I met and showed around were endlessly impressed with GS and Banana Peel. I liked carefully picking my way through Roundhouse Roll. On the last chair ride of the day one of the Brits turned to me and said, "I hope we wake up to 15cm of fresh and sunny skies tomorrow." Wouldn't you know it, that's just what happened on Sunday, Nov. 18, capping off a fantastic opening weekend. You never disappoint old friend. Good to see you again.