This is the the time for skiers and riders in the greater Spokane-Coeur D'Alene area to purchase season passes to the local resorts. Most season pass sales run through mid- to late-October before rates go up.

The fall season pass sale runs until Oct. 15 at [R01R, 49 Degrees North]. The resort offers a payment plan that allows purchasers to pay for half of the pass before the sale deadline and pay for the second half by Nov. 1. Adult passes cost $349, while youth passes cost $269. After the sale, rates go up by $230-$325.

[R286R, Mt. Spokane Ski and Snowboard Park], the closest ski area to Spokane, runs its season pass sale through Oct. 31. Adult passes cost $369 while youth and college passes cost $269.

Schweitzer Divas3
Adults can get season passes to Schweitzer for unlimited skiing or Sunday-Friday skiing. Photo Courtesy of Schweitzer Mountain Resort.

[R350R, Schweitzer Mountain Resort], the largest ski area in the Spokane-Coeur D'Alene region, keeps its season passes on sale until Oct. 31. Passes cost $699 for adults and $249 for juniors. A Sunday-Friday Pass costs $549, a boon for those who plan to skip the Saturday crowds anyway. Pass rates increase by $150-$300 after the sale.

Season passes for [R363R, Silver Mountain Resort] cost $399 for adults and $229 for youth until Oct. 31. The Family and Friends 4-Pass program reduces the adult pass to $299, but four people—either in a family or non-family group—must purchase their passes together. The pass permits unlimited lift access to skiing and riding along with four sessions in the resort's indoor water park.

Lookout Pass February 2011
Season passes to Lookout Pass are available for individuals and families. Photo Courtesy of Lookout Pass.

[R215R, Lookout Pass] runs its season pass sale through Oct. 31, too. Passes cost $229 for adults, $159 for teens, and $149 for juniors. After the sale, passes increase by $30-90. Family passes are available, too.

[R063R, Bluewood], located 150 miles south of Spokane, runs their pass sale until Nov. 15. Adult passes cost $426, while student passes cost $361.

Most of the resorts accommodate online pass purchases. Find more details on each of the resort's season passes here: 49 Degrees North, Mt. Spokane, Silver Mountain, Lookout Pass, Schweitzer Mountain Resort, and Bluewood.