If you've ever mountain biked at any of the lift served bike parks at western resorts, than you know the thrill of that long downhill ride through a variety of rocky terrain and spectacular views. The only place you will find that in the Heartland is along Minnesota's North Shore at Lutsen Mountains where lifts take you to the top of Moose and Mystery Mountains. Long two and three mile rides – just like out west – meander down mountainsides exploring thick forests and rocky terrain while offering spectacular views of the mountainous inland terrain and the Lake Superior shoreline as far as the eye can see. Moose Mountain even offers its own version of "slick rock." The Mountain Bike Park is open Friday through Sunday on fall weekends through October 7 and Saturday/Sunday through October 20, and fall colors are beautiful along the North Shore this time of year. For more details or exact hours, you can call (218) 663-7281.