Mild temps in the Midwest and the Northeast, while snow showers are in the forecast today for the Pac Northwest. Make sure to check the status of your favorite resort before you hit the road, right here at RC



Mountain snow (and lower elevation rain) are in the mix for those in the Pac Northwest. This trend continues through mid-week, with the Sierra also seeing a bit of the action. Look for temps for those further east to stay mild through most of the week. Highs today from the mid 20's in the mountains to the mid 70's in the Southwest.   



A mild Monday in store for most of the region, with a slight chance of rain showers across southern and eastern Michigan. Temps stay on the mid side through most of the week. Highs from the mid 40's to the mid 60's. 



Most of the region stays dry today, with the only potential for action being in the mountains of West Virginia, western PA and western New York. These areas may see a rain snow mix through late tonight. Highs from the mid 20's in northern New England to the mid 60's in Virginia.