The U.S. Snowboarding Grand Prix finals rocked into [R198R, Killington] March 14-15.

Perfect weather, ample snow and appreciative crowds greeted more than 100 snowboarders who competed in two disciplines - slopestyle and halfpipe.

The halfpipe competition was held Saturday on Bearclaw, in Killington's Olympic-size super pipe, 430 feet long with 22-foot-high walls. Slopestyle finals ran Sunday on Dream Maker, where a series of jumps were built.

Hundreds of spectators lined the halfpipe, standing within a few feet of the actions. They were separated from flying competitors by a 3-foot-high plastic fence, set back 5 feet from the top of the pipe itself.

Olympic gold medalist Hannah Teter was on hand, but dislocated her shoulder in halfpipe practice Friday March 13.

Her brother, Elijah Teter of California, placed second in the halfpipe event on Saturday, edged out by Michael Goldschmidt, also of California. Kelly Clark of Vermont won the ladies event and continued her domination of halfpipe, beating Olympic medalist Gretchen Bleiler, who placed second.

Sam Hulbert of New Hampshire won the men's slopestyle Sunday. Mary Sallah of Ohio placed first in ladies slopestyle.

The Grand Prix finals at Killington and the U.S. Open Snowboarding Championships at [R430R, Stratton] have been widely seen as precursors to the 2010 Olympics at [R493R, Whistler Blackcomb] in British Columbia.