East West Partners has [R440R, Sun Valley]'s ears for the next phase of building, architecture, and massing for both White Clouds and River Run properties. East West Partners will be on site for the next several months, talking to Sun Valley people, collecting information and input, and doing its homework.

Sun Valley General Manager Wallace Huffman said, "We carefully researched mountain resort development companies to find the people we thought would be the best fit for Sun Valley and be able to create a development that is unique and unlike the dense developments at other mountain resort villages throughout the West. Our review of East West Partners was thorough and included tours of their developments in North Lake Tahoe, California and Denver and Vail-Beaver Creek, Colorado.

"We were struck by how each project is appropriate for its environment and location, as well as the high quality of their work. We will be introducing East West Partners principals to Sun Valley and Ketchum business people and city officials and we hope those people will take advantage of the opportunity to get to know them and to provide input and suggestions for the River Run property and the White Clouds property.

"Five years ago Mr. Holding unveiled his vision for the development of the Sun Valley Resort properties and his vision was accepted universally by the local community as appropriate for the Wood River Valley.

It is the intent of this new relationship to further define Holding's vision and take the development plans to the next level. Sun Valley and Holding will review the East West Partners recommendations to make sure they are consistent with hisvision, which has not changed since he purchased Sun Valley in 1977."

East West Partner Chuck Madison said "We have a presence in many resort towns throughout the West. What we appreciate the most is if a community has undertaken good planning and expressed its principles and goals when it comes to development. East West Partners is happy to note that both Sun Valley and Ketchum have done this.

"In assisting Sun Valley Resort with its plans for River Run and the White Clouds, it is important to keep in mind that what works in Breckenridge or North Lake Tahoe might be quite different from what is appropriate in Sun Valley." Madison continued, "East West Partners appreciates the solid foundation created by Sun Valley Resort and Mr. Holding with high quality building, strong community contributions and the choice of always picking quality over quantity. This foundation sets an admirable tone that we intend to continue."