You won't see Matt Davis, 19, skiing around [R11R, Alyeska Ski Resort] in Alaska for a year. He will be recovering from a fractured leg after slamming into a tree. But, he won't be on those slopes even if that leg heals quickly. The Ski Patrol has banned him from the mountain.

Worse, they added insult to injury. They billed him $845 for the Feb. 28 rescue, too. Davis was skiing in a clearly marked, roped-off stretch of 3,939-foot Mount Alyeska.

Ben Habecker of the Alyeska Ski Patrol told reporters it took 13 highly trained ski patrollers to rescue Davis.

Billing skiers and snowboarders for rescues is still rare, but it is a concept that is gaining steam in North America and in Europe. Here's the best advice: If an area is out-of-bounds, it's out-of-bounds. Don't go there.