[R46R, Whitefish Mountain Resort] is adding more recreation thrills to its summer activities. The resort is already known for its mountain biking, Walk in the Treetops, and lift rides that yield panoramic views of Glacier National Park, but now it plans to inaugurate new alpine slides and ziplines this summer.

Construction on the new alpine slide will begin as soon as the snow melts around the lower mountain. Riders on wheeled sleds will zoom down the slide, serviced by Chair 6 from the day lodge. The resort plans to charge $8 for one ride and $20 for three rides.

Towers for four new high-speed ziplines were installed last fall, and the lines for the zipline tours will go up this spring. Each zipline section features two steel cables strung side-by-side that let riders fly at 50 miles per hour or faster. Tours lasting about two hours and costing $59 per person will lead riders through the forest and above the treetops at heights of more than 100 feet above ground level. One line even crosses above a ski lift.

The new alpine slide and ziplines join the already popular Walk in the Treetops as base area activities. The guided walk tours the forest canopy 60 feet above the ground using swaying bridges and cable traverses.

The resort is open daily in July and August with shoulder months of June and September for limited days. Call 406- 862-2900 for information and activity reservations.