If you love alpine sports or know someone who does, here's your chance to honor that passion or person and contribute to a great cause. Michigan Legacy Art Park, an outdoor sculpture park located on 30-acres of land at [R123R, Crystal Mountain], is auctioning off the naming rights to one of Crystal's newest downhill slopes.

The slope, currently designated as only "N-11," is being auctioned off by the Art Park online and will culminate with a final round of "live" bidding at the Mountain Saturday, April 25. You can send a proxy, if you can't make the live auction date.

Crystal Mountain gave the Art Park a similar opportunity two years ago. A group of 200 family members, friends, and customers of a long-time ski shop owner in the Grand Rapids, Mich., area named a slope as a surprise to the shop owner. As a tribute to both he and his wife, the slope is now known as Norm's Way, and the Art Park netted nearly $6,000 in operating revenue thanks to the auction.

The slope name is subject to the approval of Crystal Mountain, and proceeds go to support the Michigan Legacy Art Park. The unusual park features more than 40 major works of art and nearly two miles of hiking and snowshoeing trails.