Action for the West this weekend,  rain in the forecast for the Northeast and a warm up in the Midwest. Travel safe this weekend and check the status of your favorite resort right here at RC



A busy Friday in store for the southern Rockies with 6 to 7 inches of snow expected, reaching into parts of New Mexico. Heading into Saturday and Sunday, another system enters the Pac Northwest bringing mountain snow to Washington, Oregon and parts of northern California. Temps could vary quite a bit as this system is unsettled, but should generally range from the mid 30's in the mountains to the mid 50's near the coast.



A dry and mild weekend is in store for most, though river flooding is possible due to the heavy rains earlier in the week. Look for highs in the mid 40's in the upper Midwest to the mid 60's for states further south.        



Outside of a rain/snow mix for the Mid Atlantic Friday morning, the rest of the region should see a mild, partly cloudy day with temps warming into the mid 40's and 50's. This trend continues through the weekend, with another storm system arriving Saturday with the potential for heavy rainfall in the Mid Atlantic states through Sunday.