Mountancreek Red Tail lodge rear elevation

Red Tail Lodge slopeside elevation illustration. Image Courtesy of Mountain Creek Resort.

[R259R, Mountain Creek Resort] in Vernon, NJ is going to be nearly irrecognizable this coming season with all of the changes in store. The mountain has invested over $20 million in new resort improvements this summer and the work crews, well let's just say they haven't had a lot of down time.

Topping the list of mountain overhauls is the new 50,000-square-foot Red Tail Lodge at the Vernon base. This three-story behemoth is a place where "rustic charms meet high-tech elegance" and will host two bars, a private club and lounge, indoor and outdoor dining, a state-of-the-art rental center, and most importantly, a Starbucks. Structurally speaking, this place is going to be exquisite—a modern Adirondack exterior with large open spans inside, along with tall fireplaces and massive walls of windows so skiers and rides can keep a clear view of what's happening on the slopes. Construction began in March 2011 and the Grand Opening is set for December.

MountainCreek - Red Tail Lodge const

Construction of the Red Tail Lodge. Photo Courtesy of Mountain Creek Resort.

Next up, the new Super Tubing and Snow Play Center. Mountain Creek is obviously thinking big, so when it came to the tubing park they opted to move it to the base and quadruple it in size, to create the largest tubing park in the country with over 30 lanes. A tubing park that size needs a dedicated snowmaking system all its own to keep the lanes fast and fresh all season long.

The old Discovery Center, and DC Bar was relocated—building and all—to make room for the new lodge and has been re-purposed as the new Dedicated to Learning Center and Learn-To Area. The Learn-To terrain is also getting a redesigned layout and features. In addition to the updated food court and eateries in the Red Tail Lodge, Mountain Creek has opened a brand new Action Lift Company Restaurant in the base of the Appalachian Lodge.

MountainCreek - Snow Tubing Center -lines

Installing snowmaking lines in the Super Tubing Center. Photo Courtesy of Mountain Creek Resort.

As if that wasn't enough expansion for one season, there is plenty more in store at Mountain Creek including a winter zip line ride over the snowmaking lakes, a new mountain coaster, plus a handful of changes they have yet to explain that will improve the overall traffic flow and experience of visitors on and off the snow. Get ready because Mountain Creek is going to be a whole new mountain.

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