Any hiker worth the salt on their brow knows the best views are revealed at the summit. Granola is chewed, photos are snapped and hammies are stretched—but before long, it’s time to descend back to the car. That was quick. What if there were a way to achieve those stunning mountain views found at the top of the mountain throughout the entire hike? What if your whole day could be spent relishing distant horizon lines and scouting unexplored terrain? That’s now possible thanks to operations like CMH Heli-Hiking based out of British Columbia. 

What is Heli-Hiking?

Yep, it’s a thing, and it’s exactly what it sounds like. Hop aboard a helicopter and soar to hike around once unreachable mountain locations devoid of boot prints and filled with pristine glaciers, high alpine lakes and unparalleled views. CMH’s Heli-Hiking experience complements its long-running, winter heli-skiing operation, which has been around for 50 years.

Summer adventures include two, three and six-day guided hikes, glacier treks, family-friendly adventures and photography workshops. Heli-hopping allows for a variety of activities to suit any need—thrill seakers can get their rush atop suspension bridges, sky ladders and zip lines, while kids can explore waterfalls and sun-soaked glaciers. 

Although the landscape is rugged, the accommodations are anything but. Trips are based out of three comfortable lodges, including the Bobbie Burns, Bugaboos and Cariboos wilderness retreats. Each lodging option includes an outdoor hot tub, sauna, message therapy and game room. A dedicated staff of guides and chefs complement modern amenities and stunning views. The lodges offer between 24 and 32 rooms with climbing walls and exercise equipment available for hikers with energy left to burn. Interested in visiting multiple lodges? Opt for the Lodge-to-Lodge adventure, which provides a heli-hopping experience from the Bobbie Burns Lodge to the Bugaboos Lodge, exploring remote glaciers along the way.

What Does a Heli-Hiking Trip Itinerary Look Like? 

According to CMH, “Each group, with its own guide, spends the day roaming and hiking in the mountains. Over the course of the day, the helicopter may move each group to three or four different areas giving you a chance to experience a variety of settings. Lunch is picnic style that you pack from a scrumptious selection set out each morning. In the late afternoon, we fly back to the lodge for tea goodies and relaxation prior to a spectacular dinner and an evening of story swapping.”

CMH recently announced summer access into the Cariboo Mountains for summer 2018. Travellers can book two- and three-day trips that depart from Banff, Alberta and explore 3 million acres of wilderness. 

“CMH Cariboos is known for its pristine wilderness, impressive glaciers and massive tenure. As such, we are thrilled to showcase these gorgeous vistas during the summer months,” says Jeremy Levitt, President of CMH Heli-Skiing & Summer Adventures. 

How Much Does Heli-Hiking Cost?

It varies. According to CMH’s website (prices based on double occupancy), a three-day trip heli-hiking the Bugaboos during July is approximately $2,700 USD. A five-day trip heli-hiking in the Cariboos during mid August runs over $4,000 USD. Please contact CMH for individual and current rates.