I remember skiing at [R301R, Nubs Nub] last season around the last of March; the depth of snow on the slopes and trails was incredible. Check out their Web site's home page where there is a couple of side-by-side pictures to illustrate my point. One of the snowmaking crew is shown standing below the Smokey trail sign at the top of the slope before snowmaking started late last fall. Beside it is a picture taken recently of a couple of skiers standing at the same spot,. Instead of the sign being above their heads, it is about at the top of their boots. There will be no lack of snow to finish the season.

Nubs plans on remaining open through April 5, which should find them still fully 100 percent open. I remember having one of my best spring skiing days there years ago. It was April 12 or 13, the end of the season, and the area was still fully open. It was a sunny, warm spring day with temps topping out in the 50s, and you couldn't have asked for better spring conditions. That memory is always there for instant recall and almost as enjoyable as actually being there. This season should offer the same type of season-ending conditions.

Nubs has chosen to close around the first weekend in April for the last few years, because, according to longtime General Manager Jim Bartlett, there just aren't enough skiers and borders around to make it worthwhile to stay open. They will end up closing with the slopes still almost fully covered.

Get out and enjoy the skiing and riding while the lifts are still open. It beats hiking up the hill, and it's some of the best conditions of the year. Daily lift tickets are only $35 -- midweek or weekends -- now through the end of the season, and lodging specials abound at Boyne Country CVB.