Diamond Peak may not have the most impressive vertical in the Lake Tahoe region – it's a modest 1,840 feet – but the Nevada resort is seeing how much of it you can ski or ride with its Vertical Challenge March 1. The proposition is simple: Do as many laps as you can and win a 2008-09 season pass. The base number to be eligible for the pass is 40,000 vertical feet, which translates to 27 laps on the Crystal high-speed quad or 59 laps on the Lakeview quad; those who surpass 45,000 vertical feet will get a $50 reduction off next year's season pass. The contest will run from 10 a.m. to 3 p.m. and has a $10 entry fee, for which you'll get a souvenir t-shirt as well as a pair of tired legs.