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11.30 Snow Before You Go: Large Storm System for the West

29th November 2017 | Meteorologist Chris Tomer

News Regions: Utah, Wyoming, Montana, Idaho, British Columbia, Colorado, California, Northeast, Lake Tahoe

Resorts in this article: Schweitzer, Whistler Blackcomb

11.30 Snow Before You Go: Large Storm System for the West

11.30 Snow Before You Go: Large Storm System for the West

Copyright: Meteorologist Chris Tomer

One large storm system is lined up for the West over the next five days. In the Northeast, there are two chances for light snow accumulation at the ski areas.  

Colorado, Utah: The best chance for snow occurs on Sunday and Monday. I'm forecasting light to moderate accumulation in Utah and moderate accumulation in Colorado. Otherwise, temperatures will run abnormally warm through the weekend with gusty wind.  

Wyoming, Montana, Idaho: There are two waves of snow with this storm system. The first wave occurs Thursday night through Friday with light accumulation. The second wave occurs between Saturday afternoon and Monday morning with moderate to heavy accumulation. Light snow may linger through Monday.

California: The jet stream position is just too far north to favor Tahoe and Mammoth over the next five days. The net effect is a mostly dry stretch. There is a slight chance for a brief snow shower on Saturday afternoon at Tahoe with light accumulation in extreme Northern California.       

Pacific Northwest: The moisture feed continues. I'm forecasting mountain/volcano snow each day from Thursday through Sunday. Over 3 feet of accumulation possible on the highest Cascade peaks and volcanoes.  

Whistler/Blackcomb: The moisture feed continues. I'm forecasting heavy snow accumulations over the next five days. In fact, I see a chance for snow each day from Thursday through Sunday.  

Northeast: There are two chances for light snowfall at the ski areas. The first chance is Thursday afternoon through Friday morning. The second chance is on Sunday.  

Tomer's Take: On Friday hit Schweitzer, on Saturday hit Whistler Blackcomb and on Sunday hit Colorado.  

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