While things begin to dry out in the far West, they ramp up in the Rockies this weekend. Unusually warm for the Midwest and a mixed bag this weekend for the Northeast. RC



Mostly cloudy and mild for the region on Friday, with more unsettled weather moving in Saturday. The weekend system brings rain for the Mid-Atlantic states and a rain/snow mix for Northern New England. Temps stay on the warm side, with highs reaching into the mid 60's for many.   



The coastal areas get a break as we head into the weekend. Most of the action Friday is concentrated in the Northern Rockies, bringing over a foot of snow to Montana, Wyoming and Utah. Moving into Saturday, the system will also affect Colorado. Another system is due in the Pac Northwest on Sunday and could bring another large snow dump to the Cascades.



Unseasonably warm and dry in the region on Friday, with most areas seeing highs into the mid 60's. Heading into Saturday, rain and thunderstorms are in the forecast and Sunday things return closer to normal for the northern parts of the region, with snow, sleet and freezing rain on tap. Travel safe and check resort and road conditions before you head out.  

Just a reminder, Daylight Savings Time is back! Set your clocks ahead one hour before you head to bed on Saturday night.