The resort that brings you the earliest and latest snow in the region kicks off the snow season Friday November 10.  Opening day lift tickets are FREE! 

Ski Brule, the favorite Midwest resort, will provide the best Michigan skiing at all times with the best snow conditions and the longest snow season in the Midwest.

Ski Brule will provide the best conditions at all times. Ski Brule will be the first to open and last to close.
Ski Brule’s ‘never quit’ approach to snowmaking and grooming has made it possible to keep this promise for over forty years.  As soon as temperatures drop in October or early November, Ski Brule begins making snow to ensure being the first to open in the region.  The combination of Ski Brule’s powerful snowmaking system and knowledgeable snowmaking crew makes skiing in October and in May a reality.  Ski Brule can open a trail within 24 hours of ideal snowmaking conditions.

Ski Brule’s snowmaking trade secrets result in the best snow in the Midwest.  Snowmaking is a science and when it’s made right, it is impossible to tell the difference between ‘Mother Nature made snow’ and ‘Brule made snow’.  Once snowmaking is complete, precision grooming creates the corduory groomed trails and terrain parks we all love.  It’s this winning combination that makes Ski Brule the best Michigan skiing!