The fat lady hasn't sung yet. has learned the owners of [R1554R, Tamarack Resort] in Idaho aren't ready to give up without a fight. A lawyer for Tamarack wants the resort reopened despite the actions of the court-appointed receiver to shutdown the area yesterday (March 4).

The lawyer for the receiver, Douglas Wilson, said they had no choice but to close up shop as there was no money left to run the resort. Lawyers for both sides met with Judge Patrick Owen in 4th District Court today (March 5), with Tamarack challenging the decision. They claim that the receiver who had been appointed in October made a "unilateral" decision without consulting the judge or any other parties before taking what they call drastic measures.

Lawyers for Credit Suisse, Tamarack's lenders, said that the loss is projected to be $3.6 million by April 30 so they chose to stop the bleeding. Tamarack's owners want to fire up the lifts, man the slopes, and reopen for skiing immediately. Judge Owen will issue a written ruling Tuesday (March 10). Then, there will be a new hearing to decide what will happen to Tamarack after April 30.