Blizzard's Brahma was bestowed with a little bit more shape to its sidecut and a shorter front rocker. Both the tighter turn radius and the earlier contact point improve the the ski’s carving credentials on hard snow without undermining its established excellence in gnarly off-trail snow. While Blizzard's 2018 subtle improvements are palpable, the Brahma remains at heart an off-trail tool with a baseline and silhouette made to adapt to irregular terrain.

Pat Parraguirre from Bobo’s called the 2018 Brahma “A beautiful ski that’s very stable and silky smooth. Powerful skiers will love the stability while lighter skiers will appreciate the easy turn initiation.” Olin Glenne, Sturtevant’s of Sun Valley, concurred: “A stable and precise All-Mountain Front ski that wants to carve.”

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