The resort hosts the North Face Masters Series Big Mountain Tour, April 2-6. "Open big mountain competition is very exciting to the development of the sport," said world-renowned rider Johan Olofsson. "With the simplicity of a starting line, mixed terrain, and a finish line, what each snowboarder opts to go for during their runs will be the result of creativity, skill, and risk." Riders will be heli-dropped at the start of the race when they get to Alaska by Chugach Powder Guides, where they will compete on "Big League," a section of the mountain not open to the public until 2010. "With the creation of The North Face Masters, the riders who live and breathe this aspect of snowboarding finally have a stage on which to show off their skills and creativity," says Jason Ford. "It's been a long time since the U.S. has taken a good look at the big mountain side of the sport, so this is a huge opportunity for the riders, as well as the spectators."