You read that right. Colorado's Sunlight Mountain, in all its 680-acre glory, is blowing Vail out of the water with a $700 single day lift ticket, the most expensive in the country... and dare we say, the world/of all time? But said ski day will have you walking away from the slopes with more than a full day of skiing and a hole in your wallet; the offer also happens to come with a pair of limited edition Sunlight 50th anniversary Meier skis and a ticket to the Iron Mountain Hot Springs

As you might have guessed, this tongue-in-cheek Sunny 700 offer is in honor of the mountain's 50th anniversary season, along with a $600 version available with a limited edition Sunlight 50th anniversary snowboard. 

“Our motto here at Sunlight is: So Much to Smile About," according to Troy Hawks, Sunlight's director of marketing and sales. "We figured why not go big this year for our 50th anniversary and give people a real value for the most expensive lift ticket and not just give them access to our lifts and incredible terrain, but also give them a full experience that includes a pair of limited edition Meier skis, as well as the opportunity to soak in the hot springs after a full day on the slopes?”

That, or you could take your $700 and ski somewhere super swanky about four times.