Saas-Fee has opened Switzerland's first climate-neutral mountain hut called ‘Vernissage Berghaus Plattjen.' The mountainside accommodation is owned by Beat Anthamatten, host of the five-star hotel Ferienart Resort & Spa Saas-Fee.

Vernissage will offer five-star services and culinary delights at a lofty height of 2418 meters above sea level. "We will be seen as reliable and authentic only if our image is complete, we therefore decided to build a climate-neutral mountain hut," says Beat Anthamatten.

The CO2 emission of Vernissage Berghaus Plattjen was determined in cooperation with the international non-profit organization myclimate. The emissions will be offset by the purchase of certificates and the proceeds will benefit Madagascar; the project encourages the local production of solar cookers in the southwest of Madagascar, thus reducing the use of firewood for cooking purposes, which in turn reduces CO2 emissions.

Guests of the Ferienart Resort & Spa will also be able to enjoy climate-neutral vacations in the future. Plenty more information on the hut and resort are available online at the resort Web site.

The ski resort of [R661R, Saas-Fee] is set amidst the highest mountains in Switzerland. Skiers can reach an altitude of 3600 metres and can access a variety of shops, restaurants, and entertainment.