TELLURIDE, Colorado (July 20, 2016) – On the heels of the first successful Integrative Wellness Summit in 2015, the Telluride First Foundation will be hosting the second annual Summit, taking place September 9 – 11, 2016. Featured speakers scheduled for the summit include Dr. David Agus, Dr. Marc Siegel, Jewel, Dr. Deepak Chopra (streaming live), Dr. George Pratt, Dr. Alan Safdi, Chris Crowley, Bill Fabrocini, PJ O’Clair, Dr. Mary Wendt and more.

“The mission of the Telluride First Foundation in supporting this conference is to bring the best science-based information to people interested in improving the quality and length of life for themselves and their families,” said Chuck Horning, founder of the Telluride First Foundation. “We seek to bring the latest info on living well and living long as the process of sorting through what is reliable versus what is marketing can be rather difficult, leaving most of us chasing unreliable claims.  Our goal is to bring the best in new information with integrity.”

Throughout the three days, the programming will focus on:

  • The impact of nutrition and exercise on disease prevention and the aging process
  • The beneficial effects of mindfulness on reducing physical and psychological stress and its impact on extending life span and improving quality of life
  • The science behind good nutrition, along with tips, tools and strategies to create and maintain a healthier diet
  • The role of the subconscious on healthy living and changing habits.


In addition to the speaker series, the 2016 Integrative Wellness Summit will also feature fitness workshops, yoga sessions, guided hikes, and more. The speaker series will take place at the Telluride Conference Center, with lodging specials available for attendees at The Peaks Resort & Spa.

For special pricing on all passes, purchase tickets by August 9th, 2016. Attendees will also receive special rates at The Peaks Resort & Spa. To book online, visit and use promo code “WELLNESS”.

To learn more about the event program and to purchase tickets, visit



About Telluride First Foundation

Telluride First Foundation is a non-profit dedicated to developing the Telluride Community as a hub of science-based programs and conferences. These innovative events and programming will be held throughout the year on the latest information in health, science, and technology. Through the creation of these conferences, we will strive to provide education, promote wellness, and advance scientific understanding in the greater Telluride Region.