Utah’s Powdr Corp. increased its Colorado presence this past week by acquiring Eldora Mountain Resort ski area. With an established foothold along the I-70 corridor in Copper Mountain resort, Powdr Corp. can now target a growing Front Range ski community in need of a more convenient option closer to home.          
Eldora’s previous owner, Bill Killebrew, has spent the past few years working with the Roosevelt National Forest to further development plans; from terrain expansion, lift upgrades and a new mountaintop restaurant, the small, local resort has been grappling with the increased demand from a booming Front Range population. Although most of Eldora’s 2011 Master Development Plan was approved, the Forest Service rejected a 70-acre expansion outside its permit boundary.

Powdr Corp’s arrival and proven track record (they now own nine resorts in six different states) seems well suited and well timed. When speaking with Powdr Corp’s COO Tim Brennwald in a recent phone interview, he had this to say about expanding Eldora's operations, “We’re evaluating all of the different options…I think it’s too early to determine which specific direction we take. We do think there is room for expansion.”

The acquisition hasn’t changed Eldora’s pass options and pricing. The resort will continue to be offered on the Rocky Mountain Super Pass Plus, alongside Winter Park and Copper Mountain. Although Eldora was hesitant to list any specific development plans, JP Chevalier, Eldora’s Marketing and Skier Services Director, noted, “There’s a bright future for this special place. In time, Powdr will provide the necessary support and steps for the EMR brand to be the best it can be.” 

Eldora logged another big winter this past season, highlighted by a 30-inch dump over just four days in March. Its location, 21 miles west of Boulder and 47 miles northwest of Denver, makes it a viable option for students and families. Since it opened its doors in 1962, Eldora has continued to thrive in a competitive market; with its new ally in Powdr Corp. it seems this trend will continue as long as there’s snow to slide on.