Seattle riders salivating for snow to fall in the Cascade Mountains can soon wet their winter action whistles. The jib scene comes Oct. 8 to Seattle with the sixth annual Downtown Throwdown.

The event, presented by Lib Tech and Snowboy Productions, collects 25 jibbers to strut their stuff on rails, snow and features with $20,000 in prize money to be divied out to winners. The competitor field is comprised of big name invitees that may include Scott Stevens, Forest Bailey, Johnny Lazz, Ted Borland, Jake Kuzyk, Dylan Thompson, Austen Sweetin and Jess Kimura. Spots have also been given away to winners of The Feeders!, three qualifying competitions held this fall in Washington, Oregon and California.

Check out Stefan Krumm competing Sept. 24 at The Feeders! in Spokane, Wash. He snatched the last spot to compete in  Seattle's Downtown Throwdown.

Video by Mike Miller, courtesy of YouTube.

The free event runs noon to 4 p.m. at Occidental Park in Seattle's Pioneer Square. Music, food vendors, live art by Lib Tech's Quincy Quigg and autograph signings turn the Downtown Throwdown competition into a mini-festival.

A raffle will raise money to benefit The Service Board, a Seattle organization for high school youth that was founded after a young snowboarder named Jay Bateman was killed in a 1994 drug-related murder. Raffle prizes come from sponsors that include Zumiez, Arnette, Vans, GoPro, Skullcandy, Monster Energy Drink, Snowboard Connection, Snowboarder Magazine and two ski resorts: [R466R, The Summit at Snoqualmie] and [R265R, Mt. Bachelor Resort]. Many of the sponsors also host booths with giveaways at the event.

A Downtown Throwdown is also scheduled for Oct. 29 in San Francisco.

You can catch some of last year's Downtown Throwdown action here.