The storm track shifts north between Thursday and Sunday. That means the heaviest snows stay just north of California, Utah, Colorado and New Mexico. This is a rather abrupt change from the last two weeks. The storm track in the Northeast will support cold temperatures and only light snowfall. 

Northeast: I only foresee one organized Alberta Clipper to affect the ski areas between Thursday and Sunday and that arrives Saturday evening through Sunday with light snow accumulations. There might be one more Clipper on Tuesday. It's possible a coastal storm brushes a few of the ski areas in ME, VT, NH and MA with some light snow on Friday. Other than that it's going to be a cold and quiet weekend. 

California: I foresee two different storm systems between Thursday and Sunday, but they're definitely not as strong as the storms systems we've seen over the last two weeks. The first storm on Thursday morning is the "stronger" of the two and even that is more of a glancing blow to Tahoe, mainly effecting extreme Northern California. The second storm is really minor and may only brush extreme Northern California between Friday night and Saturday morning. Tahoe could get missed entirely. Sunday and Monday look dry.

Utah, Colorado and New Mexico: There are two storm systems coming off the coast between Thursday and Sunday. But, the first storm is really the only one that matters and even it will be minor between Thursday and Friday. In Utah, I'm expecting light to possibly moderate accumulations at the ski areas on Thursday. In Colorado, that storm delivers light accumulations between Thursday afternoon and Friday. In New Mexico, the chance of snow with either storm is really slim. The second storm system Saturday and Sunday has the potential to miss the area entirely to the north. Note: High wind gusts become part of the forecast between Thursday and Sunday as the jet stream migrates north. 

Wyoming, Idaho and Montana: Two storm systems will affect the area between Thursday and Sunday. The shifting storm track will benefit these three states more than others to the south. The first storm arrives Thursday morning continuing into Friday morning (arriving first in Idaho). The second storm system arrives Saturday morning continuing into Sunday morning (arriving first in Idaho). The first storm delivers light to moderate snow accumulations to Sun Valley, Schweitzer, Whitefish, Big Sky, Jackson Hole and Grand Targhee. The second storm delivers light to moderate snow accumulations to the same places. 

Pacific Northwest: Two storm systems are lined up between Thursday and Sunday. They'll make a direct hit in the Cascades with moderate to heavy snow accumulations above 3,000 feet. 

Colorado and Utah Backcountry: Wind speeds will increase as the next two storm systems approach and eventually move through with a powerful jet stream. That wind will blow around the most recent 1 to 4 feet of new snow effectively loading up steep slopes. Use extra caution on west and southwest facing slopes (and all steep slopes).   

Tomer's Take: Ski Jackson Hole on Friday for powder, Schweitzer on Saturday for powder, and in the sunshine at Telluride on Sunday.